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I study MCT, it is an IT course at the Howest. MCT stands for Multimedia and Communicationtechnology. MCT brings for many of the students a eye opening view of what can be done in the IT world.

If you start at Howest to do MCT, everybody has the same lessons. After 3 semesters you must choose between 4 specializations:

  • AI-Engineer: The (next) industrial revolution
  • AI & Smart Tech: Connect and visualize everything around you
  • Web App Developer: Make the greatest mobile en web apps
  • Infrastructure Engineer: Make, configure and maintain computernetworks

I want to graduate in the AI-Engineer branch of MCT named AI-Engineer. I think AI is the biggest game changer in the world at the moment! And I want to part of the new revolution.

The Howest gives all the students the full potential to become who they want to be. Extra resources are available for those who need it. The lecturers are available when you need them just make an appointment, you will get the answers and help you need.

MCT is perfect for me because it keeps me alert. It was fairly easy in the beginning but now i learn so much every day. Going to MCT without much knowledge about programming, databases, Linux, ect. was the best choice for me. It pushes me further in the world and I learn every day!

You find the website of my course here